Soccer or football is known as the most famous and known game for males, but female players also play it. People love to see their male players run around in the ground kicking
the ball and scoring goals, but they forget that women footballers are also well-known for
playing amazing games. It is said that football requires a lot of strength, and hence women
cannot play the game, but it is not true. A lot of women players out there play this game with the same strength as the male footballers. There are fantastic women footballers, and here are the ten best women footballers in the world:

There is nothing in this world that women cannot do now, from playing sports to winning
competitions; women have become smart and are leading in everything. Women are actually winning sports games and are creating history.

Christine Sinclair:

Christine Sinclair is known as one of the best women footballers who is also a Canadian
national player and the captain of the Canadian National team. Christine plays for the
Portland Thorns FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. She is currently known as the
second-best footballer after Lionel Messi with around 183 goals. She has played FIFA World
Cups and a lot of other matches and also won a lot of them. She was shortlisted for the FIFA
World player seven times.

Alex Morgan:

Alex Morgan is the American soccer player who has made the record of the highest number
of goals in the women’s world cup in one single match during the FIFA World Cup in 2019.
She also helped USWNT win their first FIFA match against Thailand by a score of 13-0. Her
amazing goals in this match allowed her to recognize being the second women footballer to score so many goals in just one match. She was named as the US soccer athlete of the year after this match.

Carli Lloyd:

Carli Lloyd got recognition in the world of women footballers after scoring a hattrick in just
sixteen minutes to win the Women’s World Cup match against Japan. Carli scored 110
international goals in just 270 appearances and was named the player of the year in 2015.
Carli is also known as the two-time Olympics gold medalist, and she also became the first
women player to score in six consecutive women’s world cup.

Pernille Harder:

Pernille Harder is known as a famous Danish women footballer who plays as the striker.
She is also the captain of the Danish National Team from the year 2016. She was also given
the vote for the best women footballer—the Swedish National coach called Pernille Harder
as the hyper-talented and fantastic football player.

Marta Vieira Dasilva:

Marta Vieira Dasilva is a Swedish-Brazilian footballer who is known as Marta in general. She
plays for the Brazilian National Team and also scored 17 goals in the FIFA World Cup
tournaments. Marta also has the record of scoring the most goals in the FIFA World Cup
tournament. She is also known as the first player in both men and women footballers to
score in five consecutive world cup matches.

Sam Kerr:

Sam Kerr is known as the best Australian women footballer who is also the captain of the
Australian football team. She plays for Chelsea in the Women’s Super League. She has
represented Australia in many tournaments, and she is an outstanding football player.

Lotta Schelin:

Lotta Schelin is known as a very famous Swedish women footballer who is currently
playing as a striker for FC Rosengard. Lotta was also appointed as the joint captain for the
Swedish women’s national team in October 2012 with Caroline Seger. She also represented
in many tournaments and became Sweden’s all-time goalscorer by scoring goals in a
friendly match against Germany.

Cristiane Rozeira De Souza Silva:

cristiane silva - women footballers
Cristiane Rozeira De Souza Silva is known as Cristiane, and she is a Brazilian forward who
also plays for Sao Paulo FC. She was a Brazilian, who won the Women’s Olympic Football
Tournament in the year 2004 and 2008. She has played many tournaments on a
professional level for Sweden, the USA, France, Germany, Russia, South Korea, and Brazil,
which is her native country. Cristiane is known as one of the oldest players who has scored
a hattrick in World Cup history.

Wendie Renard:

Wendie renard - women footballer
Wendie Renard is known as one of the best women footballers, who is also a French
footballer. She has played for the French National Women’s football team, and she has also
represented the World Cup and Olympics. Wendie is the captain of the French National
Team since the year 2013, and she has scored amazing goals throughout her matches.

Christine Manie:

women footballers

Christine Manie is a 35 years old women footballer from Cameroon. She is the team’s
central defender in football games and has got Cameroon twice in the FIFA Women’s World
Cup by scoring the most important goals of the match. Cameroon entered the World cup in
2015 for the first time and then played in 2019. She is known as the best women footballers
in her country and has scored the perfect goals in the World Cups. She has represented her
country and made it famous and won a lot of matches in the tournaments.


These are the top 10 women footballers who are known for their amazing skills and
goalkeeping. These women have played football for a long time and managed to gain name
by winning the matches or scoring incredible goals. Football is a very famous game and has been played for a very long time. It has always been male footballers who gained name and recognition, but women footballers are equally talented and have created history when it comes to playing football and scoring the perfect goals.