You do not always need a partner to play games as there are various games kids can play alone and enjoy simultaneously. Kids get bored if they do not find anything entertaining for a long time, and it is not possible to have someone around all the time. Here are some games you can play alone and are also fun:

Solo ball skills:

Games kids can play alone

Do you or your kid like playing soccer or basketball? Then you can always practice the shooting skills without needing any partner around you. It is fun to dribble the ball and shoot on the goal without needing a partner. Football, basketball, soccer and all the other ball games can be played alone because then you get to practice instead of competing and it is fun to practice the skills sometimes.

The 7-Up games kids can play alone:

Every child wants to play fun games and enjoy their free time. The 7-up game is fun, and it also increases the complex skills that the child has. The game can be played anywhere in the garage or basement. Make sure there are no breakables around in the room wherever the game is being played.

Racket sports:

There are various racket games which the kids can play alone too, like tennis and badminton. Yes, you need a partner in these games, but you can also play it alone. You can bounce the balls on the ball or the ground and practice your hitting skills. Try doing it in a row, and do not miss out on any shots. Doesn’t it sound fun? It also helps in developing the learning and hand-eye coordination of a child.

Hula hoop as games kids can play alone :

Games kids can play alone

Kids can play hula hoops outdoors or indoors and make them count the revolutions without dropping the hoop. There are various tricks and tips on hula hoop videos online which can help the kids in learning the technique. It is a fun game to play alone as you can circle the hula hoop from your neck to your hip without dropping and take it again like that.


There are various games kids can play alone, and dancing is one of them. Make them dance like no one is watching because that will encourage the child to dance anywhere that they want to. It will build their confidence and also help them in learning more about flexibility. The kids can easily dance alone in a room while watching some dance videos online. It can also help them in building some moves and prepare them to dance in public too.

Go out for a ride:

Motivate your child to go out for a bike or scooter ride because it can be done alone. It will also help them in learning more about safety rules and obeying the same. Make sure you are sending them in a safe space so that they do not get hurt.

Art projects:

Art is one of the fun things that the child can do alone, and it can keep them busy for hours. If you think your child has a creative instinct, then let them explore their imagination more and learn about colors. They can create great art if left alone with their imaginations.


Exergames are games kids can play alone, and they will also encourage them to move around a lot. If you want that your child doesn’t sit in front of the screen all the time, then you can give them motion-controlled video games for a while and help them in moving a bit. It will also inspire them to stay away from the television and exercise around a bit.

Digging and building games kids can play alone:

Let your child play in the sand or snow in your yard. Give them some tools through which they can mold and create different things. It will not only encourage them to let their creativity out but will also make them happy.

Solo balloon volleyball:

Games kids can play alone

Volleyball is a team spirit, but a kid playing alone can also be fun. It can be played as both indoor and outdoor games but do set some boundaries for your kid. Set up a ribbon on their balloon and let them blow and catch it.

Sidewalk chalk games kids can play alone :

You can give some chalks to your kid on a sunny day and let them make mazes, obstacles, and hopscotch in order to have fun. You can also show them some fun activities that they can do with the same alone because it will help them in developing the skills.