Animated movies are the best kind of movies to watch, and they always have a good lesson at the end. There are various Japanese anime movies and series which revolve around basketball games. People think that anime always requires in-depth knowledge about the game, but that isn’t true. The basketball anime is produced in a way that entertains the watchers. The central theme revolves around basketball, but the characters have different stories. Here are some fantastic basketball anime 2021:

Slam Dunk Anime:

Basketball anime 2021

Slam Dunk Anime revolves around a love story. It is about a boy named Sakuragi who faces hard luck as 50 girls in junior high school reject him. There are many failures that he faces to determine a girl at the high school. The girl’s name is Haruko, and he starts liking her as soon as he sees her for the first time. He doesn’t like basketball, but he says yes to the team game to impress her and because his height is good. The boy does everything the girl says, but later, he realizes that she likes somebody else. The boys become enemies, and then drama unfolds. This anime gives out a great lesson about how a person can do whatever he loves. The other lesson is that there is no limit to age. You need to have enough passion and focus on working towards your goals.

Dear Boys (Hoop Days):

The Dear Boys is another basketball anime from 2021 which will entertain you with a fantastic storyline. The movie revolves around the hustle and hard-working boys. Aikawa leaves his previous school and joins Mizuho high school, where he finds everything opposite to what he was expecting. The coach then leaves the team because of conflicts, and the players are very disappointed. Aikawa always works hard, which helps motivate the other team members, and they get a lady coach for the team. The goal is to make the team be present and feel happy about their games. The overall movie is about the story of hard work and five players who give in everything to ensure that the team gets the visibility it deserves. The writer has put in a lot of thought and time in writing this story as he wanted to give out a great moral to the viewers.

Ahiru No Sora Basketball Anime:

It is a new basketball anime 2021 that is a must-watch. The story revolves around a guy who struggles to get into basketball because of his short height. In his childhood, the lead actor promises his mother that he will become a brilliant basketball player when he grows up. He keeps working hard to improve his skills and become a better player despite his short height. He also takes admission to a new school to get into the basketball club.  Looking at his skills, they get motivated and take him in. The show revolves around a heartwarming mother-son relationship. He also challenges the team to play against him and wins the game. The son makes sure to make his mother feel proud.

Kuroko No Basket:

Basketball anime 2021

Kuroko No Basket is another anime that has three seasons, and the first one started in 2012. The story revolves around a team of basketball players who study in Teiko Middle School. The skills and fantastic game that they play makes them the generation of miracles. The team also had an additional player who is not so popular. When the team gets dismantled, they try to take him in and join the group. They try to conquer all the challenges and get rid of the obstacles to make their way. The main lesson is that no matter however much you are overshadowed, you can still excel. You need to have enough drive to work hard and be determined.

Buzzer Beater Basketball Anime 2021:

Buzzer Beater basketball anime is all about the first superhuman anime related to the basketball game. It is about a young boy named Hideyoshi Tanaka, 14 years old and an orphan. He lives in an area with all the fantastic basketball players and has some god-gifted talents himself. The anime is more about the future time when the human race does not play basketball, and some alien players play it. There are rarely any humans seen on the court because most players are aliens because of their physical and psychic abilities. Hideyoshi then gets selected for an All-Star team that represents the Earth against the aliens. The fantastic speed that Hideyoshi has makes him the all-star human in the team.

Basquash Basketball Anime:

The anime revolves around a modern and progressive earth version called ‘Earth-dash.’ The debate about earth people and superior lunar citizens is discussed in detail in the show. There is also a great theory in the show that Earth and moons were created when the GOds were playing basketball. The game has created a magnetic field between the heavenly bodies. There are talks about robots, BigFoot, and a lot of interesting theories. It is a must-watch, and there are great things discussed in the show.

Dash! Kappie Basketball Anime:

Basketball anime 2021

Kappie is a young athlete in the show who is good in all the sports that he plays. When he starts going to High School, the school immediately understands his talent. He becomes the most demanded player in every session that is played in the school. As the guy is very talented, nobody ever tries to question him, but he has one flaw: his height. He is very short but has the plan of joining the basketball team. The guy also likes one thing, which is ladies undergarments, and when he comes to know that there is a female coach named Natsu who wears the same color panties, he tries to peek in. He falls in hot water while doing this act. Later he starts to utilize his skills for the games and comes across another girl who wears the same panties. There are a series of things that happen after that. The show is only for the appropriate age group, and many things occur altogether.

Ro Kyu Bu Basketball Anime:

It is another basketball anime, 2021, which shows the passion of young basketball players. There is a boy Subaru in the show who is very passionate about basketball. The captain from his school team was in a sexual scandal with a little girl from the school. As this incident takes place, the school decides to disband the players from playing the game. The incident breaks Subaru’s heart, and he quits the game. He then shifts to his aunt’s house, but because he has impressive skills and talent, his aunt suggests he coach some girl players in an elementary school. He rejects the offer after thinking about the coach being involved in the scandal. Eventually, he agrees to do this and starts to coach the girl. The coaching helps him understand his passion again, and they build a great bond with each other.

I’ll/ CKBC Basketball Anime:

The anime is about two young boys who love the game. The first player joined the team to continue to play for his passion and a better team. The other player is the second-best basketball player after his elder brother. He decides to leave his previous school because of the pressure that he gets from his father and his famous brother. When he joins the new school, he discovers that his arch-enemy is also in the same school. When they play on the same team, the rivalry starts to dissolve, and they come together to win. There is a bond that they start building with each other. There are many ups and downs that both the players face, but it’s worth the watch. You will also get to see a lot of emotional instances because of the family involved. There are various lessons that you can expect from this anime with the competition involved.

Who should watch these basketball anime in 2021?

There are various people out there who love watching anime movies and shows. Usually, these shows have a tremendous moral and lesson at the end. Viewers can easily understand the show without knowing the game because the stories are simple. The appropriate age group should watch the presentations, and you get to learn a lot. Once you start watching anime, it will start getting addictive. There is no restriction to who can watch the anime, but it is essential to take care of the age group because some shows have bold language and scenes. All the shows have some lessons to give out, and most importantly, it shows the importance of the following passion.
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