In the 2000-2001 basketball season, the player Allen Iverson began to wear the arm sleeves because of his shooting elbow. It happened around 20 years ago for the first time as he was the first player to wear the arm sleeves. Now about 65% of players believe in wearing arm sleeves, and some players wear two arm sleeves also. The reasons for wearing basketball arm sleeves are deeper for some players, and let’s discuss more it:

Benefits of compressions:

Basketball arm sleeves

Arm sleeves help in compressions, which further reduces swelling, reduces fatigue and increases the body’s blood flow. There are a lot of players in the basketball game who play injury free because of the arm sleeves. Elbow pain is something that can challenge your basketball game and cause a lot of pain. The compression sleeves might provide discomfort, but it helps in straining the muscles and causing any damage.

Muscle warm-up because of basketball arm sleeves:

The sleeves also help in tacting as the warmer for the muscles. The arm muscles become more flexible, and sports like basketball demand the players to have a flexible arm. If you have a stiff arm, it can cause problems in dribbling the ball, passing the ball, crossing over, and bending. You can forget to make many pointers because of the stiff arms, but with the sleeves, the work becomes easier.

Protection of the arm:

Basketball arm sleeves

There are various opportunities for getting hurt on the arm in the game of basketball. There are times that while playing the game, you might get scratched when you are making the jump shot or get hurt, but the sleeves help in protecting the arms. You can get scratched many times, but the sleeves help protect the skin and arms from any cuts or scratches. It will also help keep the tendons in place and stress-free, which is beneficial for your arms.

Look good and play better:

There is one more thing about the sleeves which helps in wearing them more. The sleeves make the players look dressed properly. It looks really great on the court and also helps you in performing better. There are times when the players might get taken off because of their looks. Though it is not the point of the game that you win by looking good, it definitely works in your favour.

Conclusion for Basketball arm sleeves:

Basketball arm sleeves

There are various things that the sleeves help in, and the most important one is the way it helps in protecting your arm. It also makes your game better and improves the flexibility of the arm. Not just the flexibility and strength of the arms, but it also avoids injuries.