18 Jul 2024

Blog Services


Listed below is all the information for posting an article on our site, please review it carefully. If you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch with us through the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thank you!


We accept articles, link placements, and advertisements, for the following niche topics:

  1. family life
  2. blogging
  3. anything related to the upkeep/purchase/sale of your home
  4. fashion (accessories, apparel, jewelry, etc.)
  5. family finances
  6. education
  7. home business
  8. food and drink recipes/products
  9. health (exercise, CBD, coronavirus, etc.)
  10. style (women, men, children)
  11. Travel destinations, hiking, camping, top family vacation cities, etc.
  12. Seniors
  13. Grandparenting / Babies & Toddlers (I’m a Nana to two now so we are adding this topic)
  14. Tech products

NOTE: We accept casino/loan/CBD/adult and other such niches on our site, but the content is subject to approval and the pricing of such articles is different than normal articles.


Our prices are very reasonable and that is why we do not negotiate. What is listed is the price. All prices are in USD. Our two most popular items are listed first. We pride ourselves in providing immediate service for our paying customers – your article or link placement is usually published within the hour.

$60 – GUEST ARTICLE PUBLICATION (with Do-follow link) – (Discounted $50/article) the article must be relevant to the niche topics (see the categories section for topics). We will provide appropriate commercial use or personal photographs that fit your article theme and add our own spin to the article.

$75 – DO-FOLLOW LINK insertion IN A PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE – (Discounted $65/article) your do-follow link is placed in a previously published post of your choice which is permanent.

$40 – LEADERBOARD BANNER AD PLACEMENT – appears on every post on our website for this fee per month. Discount available for 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months purchase. We have hundreds of posts on which your banner ad will appear on.

NOTE: For casino/loan/CBD/adult, etc. posts, please add a flat 15$ for all the mentioned services.


We work freelance and therefore, we expect payment as soon as our invoices are sent. When our invoices are sent – your article/link placement is usually already prepared and ready for publication the second your payment is received. Can you go to your local grocery store and fill a basket full and tell the cashier you’ll be back to pay him/her in a week? No. The same rules apply at Life in a House.

  • Invoices not paid by 8 AM Eastern on the 5th day will be charged a $5 late fee
  • Invoices not paid by 8 AM Eastern on the 7th day will be charged a $10 late fee
  • Invoices not paid by 8 AM Eastern on the 10th day will be charged a $15 late fee

If your invoice still remains unpaid after 11 days, we will remove your article and not work with you again until you pay the $25.00 in late fees.


We accept PayPal instant payments – we will NOT accept PayPal ACH payments. You may also use STRIPE or Payoneer, etc. to send payments. Contact us for the correct information to send your payments to.

I am a man of my word. When I say that I will do something, I do it. I am transparent and can be contacted via our official mail ID (blogs@outreachdeal.in), at any time should you have questions.