So, are you planning to indulge in some online cricket betting in this IPL season? Well, it surely makes the matches more enjoyable than ever. All you need is to make the right predictions and you can win the jackpot. And here are a few tips you need to keep in mind in order to inch closer to that jackpot. So, read on before you start placing your bets. 

Check out the previous performance of teams 

One of the cricket jackpot tips that you need to remember is to always check the previous performance of the teams. You will have to take a look at how the teams have fared against one another. Also, check out how the teams have played in the last five matches. How have the openers, the bowlers, and the middle order fared in those matches?  

The point is to figure out whether the teams have a winning momentum. You need to have the details of all these previous performances to know and understand whether your preferred team will win it in that match. 

Read up about the pitch and ground conditions 

online cricket betting

You need to read about the ground and pitch conditions for successful online cricket betting. A simple search on the internet will tell you how the teams have played in the previous matches conducted on a pitch. Moreover, the distance of the boundary is also not the same in every ground.  

In case it is a new pitch (since many of the IPL matches will be played on new pitches), you will have to wait until about 45 minutes before the match for the commentators to discuss the pitch.  

Wait for the results of the toss to be announced 

Since you have all the data about the previous performances and ground conditions, it is tempting to go ahead and start betting. But wait and let the toss get completed first. So, going by the cricket jackpot tips, you need to know the results of the toss before taking any step.  

There have been matches whose results have changed completely just because the captain made a wrong choice at the toss. Even the team that was a favorite right from the start could not win as the captain chose to bowl first in a pitch that favored batting. 

Consider the weather conditions on match day 

The outcome of the match is not only about how each team or the players fare at previous matches. Many of the new bettors make the mistake of not paying enough attention to the weather conditions on the match day. Remember that there have been important matches that teams have lost due to rains. Matches get postponed due to rain, too.  

Moreover, sunny conditions favor the batters, while spinners work better when there is cloud cover. So, check out the weather conditions before taking any betting decision. 

Rely on a well-reputed betting platform

online cricket betting

You need a well-reputed betting platform to start placing your bets. Check out what other bettors are saying about the site. Find out whether the withdrawals from the site are as easy as the deposits.  

Furthermore, you need to know if the website allows multiple payment methods for additional convenience. Also, you need to know about the authenticity of the platform that you are choosing. Is the platform legit to be used in India? What about the betting options on offer? 

Start slow rather than betting your entire bankroll 

If you win the first time you place your bets, it is highly tempting to not place a higher bet the next time. But wait before you spend your entire bankroll on one bet. There is always a high chance of losing the bet, and you can never be one hundred percent sure about your prediction.  So, go ahead and bet with a smaller amount. Do not give into temptation, and only increase the betting amount after you have been successful a couple of times. In any case, do not keep betting all your bankroll. Online Cricket betting makes it even more enjoyable for you to watch the matches. So, go ahead and put these tips to good use in the upcoming match. You will definitely be on the winning side.