According to the experts, is your sports bra filling the purpose because if the undergarments are not providing support, then the fit isn’t right? Your chest should be the last thing on your mind while working out, but if you feel that the sports bra is not making you comfortable, you might need to change the bra. Here are some signs which will show that you are wearing the wrong bra:

The chest band is too loose when it is a wrong bra:

Wrong bra

The chest band of the bra should fit at the base of your breasts and should be tighter than your everyday bra because the sports bra will give support. The sports bra needs to be a snugger in the area and should be in place when you are moving around. The bra shouldn’t be too tight to make a person feel suffocated and should fit perfectly.

The straps are too short or thin:

If the straps fit perfectly, then it will not make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure that the straps of your sports bra aren’t putting any pressure on your shoulders or neck because then it will make you feel uncomfortable. The straps should be according to the chest so that it gives excellent support. The bigger the breasts, the thicker the straps should be. Make sure that the shoulders are not burdened because it will cause trouble while you are working out. Also, the straps shouldn’t make the bras move around a lot.

The cups are not in place with the wrong bra:

wrong bra

When you are wearing a sports bra, you need to make sure that the cups are able to hold you in place because if they don’t, then you are wearing the wrong bra. There are two types of cup styles one is compression, and the other is encapsulation, so choose the one according to your bra size. The doctor or the person selling the bra can recommend the best one for you but make sure that the bra supports your breasts and is comfortable.

It is stretched out in the wrong bra:

Even though stretched-out bras are trendy and affordable, they do not give the proper support to the chest. Make sure that the bra is perfect for your size and isn’t moving around. The bra needs to be intact and not stretch out because that might create a problem when you are working out.

It soaks up sweat like a sponge:

wrong bra

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a bra is that the fabric helps your skin breathe. When you work out, you will get sweaty, but what the bra does with the sweat is essential. If the material isn’t good, then it will irritate and is also not healthy. Make sure you are choosing cotton or an excellent fabric when it comes to bras. You might be choosing the wrong bra if the fabric isn’t good and ends up giving you rashes.