Football is one of the oldest sports, and it is famous all over the world. There are many
tournaments and matches held, and players all around the globe play this game. Every
game needs to have rules and regulations because, without that, there is no object, goal or

The object of the game:

The main aim of football is to score more goals than your opponent team in just 90 minutes
as that’s the time frame for the game. The match is split into two halves which are 45
minutes each. After the first half of the game, the players take 15 minute rest time before
starting the second half.

Players and types of equipment:


Each team has 11 players who have one goalkeeper and ten outfield players. The pitch
dimensions are different for every ground, but the pitch and the goal are set as the mirror
image of the other one. The players wear studded equipment and shoes while the
goalkeepers wear the extra pads to stay safe from any injury.

Rules of football:

● Every match is divided into two halves for 45 minutes each and a 15 minute rest
period in between.
● Every team has 11 players which consist of one goalkeeper and ten outfield players.
● The field needs to have natural or artificial grass and the sizes of the pitch vary from
area to field, but it must be within 100-130 yards long and 50-100 yards wide.
● The pitch must be marked in the rectangular shape with two 6 yard boxes and two 18
yard boxes in the centre.
● A spot for the penalty must also be placed outside the goal, and centre circle must be
● The circumference of the ball must be of 58-61cm and should be circular.
● Every team is allowed to name around seven substitute players, and the substitutions
can be made anytime during the match. Every team is allowed to make a maximum
of 3 substitutions on each side. If three substitutions are already made, then the
player who gets injured after that will be forced to play because there are no more
substitutions allowed after that.

● If the game needs to have extra time, then the match will be extended for 30 minutes
with two halves of 15 minutes after the 90 minutes allotted.

● If the team still has the same level after the extra time, then a penalty shot takes
● The ball needs to cross the whole line to consider it as a goal.
● If there are any fouls done by the players, then the team will receive either a yellow
or a red card. The yellow and red card means the dismissal of that player. Two
yellow cards are equivalent to one red card, and if the player is sent off the field, then
there are no replacements for that player.

Football is a very fun game, and every player has to go by the rules and regulations to win
the game or else they will be given a penalty.

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