So, you were watching today cricket match and maybe you thought of placing a bet on the team you think will win. But how would you predict who will win? Do you go with your gut, or simply pick your favorite team? Well, the right thing to do in order to make the correct prediction is to be calculative of certain facts and factors. And here’s listing out all those factors for you. Read on! 

Consider the past records of the teams 

When you play close attention to each cricket match you watch, you’ll find that there is a noticeable pattern to help you predict things. For example, you get to see a batter who keeps playing really well until he stumbles after the strategic time out in the IPL matches. In test matches, you get to see batters fall close to the session breaks. Gradually, you’ll get to understand these factors when you follow the matches closely. 

As per the best cricket betting sites in India, the chasing sides usually come out as the winners. Going by the statistics, batting has turned into something easier as batters are hitting more sixes and fours than before. To make sense of the pattern, consider the earlier head-to-head analysis of both teams, especially in the recent matches.  

Though the available players in a team are to be considered, you should also take a look at the players who were there in the previous game against the same opponent. 

Understand the conditions of the match 

Best cricket betting sites in India

Regardless of who the cricketer is in today cricket match or the team that you’re betting on or supporting, over fifty percent of the results of a match is based on external factors. Such factors include the weather, the pitch, the match timing, and the size of the boundary. 

The fact remains that when teams have good pace bowlers and they are on green tracks, they already get an advantage. The side that has a fair understanding of the conditions and manages to adapt to the scenarios ends up winning. Thus, it is usually the home team that wins in a cricket match. 

Ensure that you consider all such factors before a match and choose the right side. 

Do not predict anything before the toss 

Tosses have an important role to play in ODI games and test matches. There have been so many times when simply taking a wrong decision at the toss has made the team lose the match in spite of having better players. At times, the entire fate of the match gets decided right at the start during the toss. 

At present, things have seen a sea-change. Teams have been stronger at chasing. Even with the lofty scores on the board, teams are winning more now. Particularly in the Indian subcontinent that has dew all around, it is even harder for the bowlers to try and defend the totals. 

In the longer formats, the best cricket betting sites in India claim that the condition gets reversed. Usually, in test matches, the teams that bat first end up winning in most cases. Batting becomes hard to continue in two days, and chasing even smaller targets becomes a major risk. 

Draw a comparison between the main players 

Best cricket betting sites in India

You need to look into the strengths of both the teams whenever you try to predict the outcome. If you think that a certain key player is going to help the team win the match, go ahead and check on that player’s counterpart in the opposition. 

For example, when it is an opening batsman who is the main player of a team, consider the inswingers in the opposition who can make that batsman land in trouble.  

When you have someone like Chris Gayle playing, take a look at whether there is Jasprit Bumrah or Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the opposition. Of course, Gayle can still score runs. The fact is that his vulnerability is at its peak at the start of the innings, which makes it easy for the bowlers to take him out. 

And that’s it! Now you know all about making the right predictions. So, go ahead and guess which team is going to win it today.