It’s the IPL season, and you do not want to miss a single match. But sitting in front of the TV for the entire match duration might not be possible due to your work. Maybe you want a reliable site to watch the matches on the go. So, what do you do to catch IPL live scores in that case? Well, you use one of the eight sites mentioned below. 


If you are planning on cricket match betting, the best place to check out the live scores would be INDIBET. You can watch all the matches and place the bets at the same platform. The best part is that the site offers really good odds so the betting enthusiasts among you would really love the site. In fact, the live scores of all the main cricket tournaments around the world can be accessed through INDIBET. The best thing you can do in this regard is to download the app on your phone to make sure that you get regular updates. 

2. Willow TV 

IPL live score

Willow TV lets viewers select from a number of live streaming options that have varied screen resolutions. Apart from a variety of matches, visitors also get to remain updated with the scores from each match that is played live at that particular moment. It makes this platform one of the best live streaming sites for cricket, apart from those live bookmaker streams

3. Hotstar 

Hotstar is also a good idea if you want to check IPL live score. Along with the matches that are live streamed, you will also get the highlights of the matches that have been previously played. So, if you are planning to do some research about a particular team or player before predicting the winner of the match that day, Hotstar would be able to help you with that. You do not need to have an account on the site to enjoy all these features. But your live stream will lag by five minutes if you don’t have an account. 

4. Watchcric 

You would love Watchcric if you are into cricket match betting because it lets you live stream cricket matches taking place all over the world. So, do you want to see the latest match between Chennai and Mumbai? Do you want to continue watching the T20 World Cup after the IPL gets over? Watchcric has got you covered. So, if you want live score updates for IPL, this site would be a good idea. 

5. Time 4TV 

Time 4TV is the online platform that offers a wide range of channels for free to its visitors. If you want live scores for IPL, you will have to figure out the TV channel that is broadcasting the match. Look for that channel on the site, which is pretty easy to do. This platform has more than seventy sports channels. So, you will not have much trouble in finding the IPL match that you want to live stream. 

6. My Live Cricket 

IPL live score

My Live Cricket happens to be a completely dedicated live streaming site for cricket. In fact, cricket fans around the world rely on it to stay updated with all the live action on the field. They still need to work on cricket news and live scorecards but the streaming you get here is exceptional. 

7. VipBox 

There was a time when VipBox was everyone’s go-to site to watch live stream of IPL matches. The popularity of other sites has somewhat affected the demand and viewership of this platform. However, it still continues to be a great site for all you cricket fans. There aren’t any irritating pop-ups to bother your viewing experience. To top it off, the graphics are commendable and good.  

8. Batman Stream 

The name might come up last on this list, but do not think that this is the least popular among all the sites. In fact, it is one of the sites that’s the easiest to navigate. All the matches are right there on the home screen. So, you just click on the match you want to see, and it starts. 

These are all authentic and reliable sites, so you have nothing to worry. Go ahead and start watching!