There is nothing better than being active physically and playing sports. Sports help in acquiring a lot of skills and also help in improving health. There are various sports that girls can play and also build their fitness. Sports also help in increasing social interaction, getting fit and other skills.

Here are the most popular sports for girls: 

  • Soccer: 


Soccer is one of the most famous sports for girls, and they can build their lower body strength with the help of this game. All the equipment needed for this game is a soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards. Various athletes play this game, and they can also learn a lot about teamwork and coordination. 

  • Basketball: 

Basketball is a perfect game for athletes who want to enjoy a fact-paced match that will help them coordinate. The game also helps in strengthening the upper body, and running can bring up the energy levels. The game doesn’t need much equipment, and if the players get the hang of it, it becomes easier. 

  • Volleyball: 

VolleyballVolleyball is another popular sport for girls, and every team has six players. There is a net in between which divides both sides, and the whole objective of the game is to make it land on the opposite side. The game can be played both outdoors and indoors. All you need is a ball and a knee pad for the game. 

  • Tennis: 

Tennis is the best sport for girls as it helps them in building strength and stamina. It can be played alone, or two players can play. Tennis is a fast-paced sport that doesn’t involve a lot of running but does involve strength. All you need for this game is a racquet and a tennis ball. 

  • Swimming: 

Swimming: Sports for girls

Swimming is the perfect sport for improving competitive skills. It helps in learning different kinds of swimming strokes and also improves the body structure. Swimming can be done alone or with a team. All you need is a swimming cap, glasses, and swimsuit for this sport. 

  • Lacrosse: 

It is a traditional sport which is very fun to play. Lacrosse is the perfect sport for girls, and the equipment needed for this sport is a ball and a lacrosse stick. The players might need a helmet and a special eye protector. 

  • Softball: 

softball Sports for girls

Softball is a perfect game for girls, and you are not in constant motion. It requires a lot of coordination and hand movement. The strength involves both upper and lower body strength. Softball also requires basic equipment like a bat, softball, and gloves. 

  • Golf: 

If you want a less adventurous sport and a more relaxing sport, then golf is the best option. Though there is a lot of walking involved in this sport, it is most relaxed. It is one of the best games to play if you want to spend time with your family or friends. You need a club set for this game, and it is played outdoors