There are various activities and sports that begin with the letter B. You can find all the information that you need to know about these sports in this article. Some sports can be played with a team or individually, and everything is enjoyed by the players as much as possible. From board games to outdoor sports, here’s a list for all the sports beginning with B:

Badminton as sports beginning with B :

Badminton is a racquet sport which is played by a racquet and a shuttlecock across the net. Either two players or doubles can play the sport. It is a top-rated game that single players play. The points are given to the players who are able to hit the shuttlecock and make it land on the court. There is an umpire to keep a tab on the points and make sure that there are no foul points scored by the players.


Bandy is another popular sport beginning with B, which is played on ice. The skaters use a stick to hit the bandy ball in the other team’s goal. It is known as the winter sport, which is considered a form of hockey and has a history in ice hockey and field hockey. There are only a few things that a player needs for this game which are the bandy ball, bandy stick, protective gear, and skates.

Basketball as sports beginning with B :

Basketball is a very popular game that is played in two teams, and each team has a minimum of five players. There is a rectangular court that is divided into two equal parts. The teams have to score points by shooting the ball in the opposite team’s hoop. They also have to prevent the other players from shooting the ball in their team’s hoop. The players only need a basketball and a good basketball court for this sport.

Beach volleyball:

Sports beginning with B

Beach volleyball is just like volleyball, but it is played on the beach. There are two teams in this sport, and the court is located on the beach. The net divides two equal portions for both teams. The game’s main objective is for the players to hit the ball on the other side to score the point. The ball needs to land on the opponent’s side of the court in order for the team to score points.


There are various bicycling tournaments that take place for cyclists or bicyclists. The mode of transport in this game is a bicycle which also helps the players in exercising. There is no team required for this as it’s an individual sport. The people have to race and win the tournament in this sport. There are various competitions which takes place in different parts of the world.

Billiards as sports beginning with B:

Billiards is an indoor game which is played with a cue stick, billiard balls, and a pool table. The main objective of this game is to hit the balls in the holes to score points. The balls struck each other in order to score points and make the ball go in the hole.


Sports beginning with B

Bobsledding is another winter sport that is played in teams. The sport involves reaching the end of the track on time through the ice tracks and with the team. Various tournaments take place for this sport. It is also known as bobsleigh, and the sport involves great timing and balance. The teams need an excellent high-tech sleigh and helmet to make it through the sport.


Boomerang is another popular sport that takes place in various championships. It is a very competitive sport and also requires good focus. The sport takes place outdoors, and the players have to catch the boomerang that they throw, or they do not score any points.


Boxing is a very popular combat sport that requires two people wearing protective gloves and mouthguards to save themselves. The players have to throw punches at each other in a certain amount of time. The game takes place inside a boxing ring, and the player who taps out first loses.


Sports beginning with B

Bullfighting is a very risky sport that takes place only in certain places in the world. It is a physical contest where the bullfighter has to either control or kill the bull in order to win the game. There are various rules and regulations for this game. The killing of bulls has stopped, but there are specific new guidelines that the bullfighters have to follow in order to win.