Playing sports is beneficial in many ways for the health, the mind, and the body. Various sports terms begin with S, and they all help in burning calories and staying fit. You can play indoor or outdoor games, which are both fun and help in bonding time. Here are some sports terms that begin with S:

Seam bowling as Sports terms that begin with S:

Sports terms that begin with S

Seam bowling is a style of bowling used in cricket, and it can cause an unpredictable path after the bounce. A bowler who uses seam bowling as the technique is called a seamer, and it can be described when the ball deviates from its own path and takes an unpredictable route.


Skyball is a type of technique used in the game Volleyball, and it is a serve that is performed underhanded. If you hit the ball extremely high, then the opponent gets confused or loses track. The hit can help in winning in the game, and the ball usually tends to bounce super high/

Solo home run:

Solo home runs happen in softball and baseball as the batter hits a home run, and there are no base runners; they will have to take around on the base alone. The home run is solo because it is only one run and done solo. It is also known as a solo shot or lone shot in terms of the baseball game.

Spin bowling:

Sports terms that begin with S also include spin bowling which is done in cricket. You can also use this technique while playing with the ball, but this usually happens in cricket. The ballers will throw the ball in such a way that it spins in between and changes the route, which often confuses the batsman. The technique makes it a lot difficult for the batsman to hit the ball and score any run. The ball also travels quickly, and you can spin it through the topspin, finger spin, or wrist spin.

Stance as Sports terms that begin with S:

Stance is one of the sports that begin with S, and it is also used in football. The posture of stance in a football game defines the start of the play. The position is generally in a crouching way, and the knees are bent. The player will quickly get into action, and the three stances are named according to the number of points scored:

  • Two-point stance
  • Three-point stance
  • Four-point stance


Sports terms that begin with S

The swingman is used in basketball, and there are two different positions for this one. The first one involves a small forward and another would-be shooting guard. The position helps in scoring points, and this can be done while playing solo also.

Sour apple:

Sour apple is one of the sports terms that begin with S, and it is used in bowling. It is when the bowler rolls out a weak hit and then ends up with the split that might have more than two pins left that are not even adjacent to each other. The score will also come in odd numbers for this roll.


Smash is one of the most heard sports terms that begin with S, and it is a shot that can be hit by a racket and comes in contact with the ball above the hitter’s head. The shots are usually played in a strategic manner to score points and win the game. A lot of pressure and force has to be put in for hitting a smash. Smash can be played in Table Tennis, Tennis or Badminton.


A strike is a term used in terms of the sport of bowling. A stroke occurs when all the pins in the game get knocked out in one shot by the bowler. It helps in scoring lots of points, but on the scoreboard, it is marked as X. the bowler gets a full 10 points for playing a strike, and the next frame can be a bonus also.


A strikeout happens in baseball when the batter receives three strikes at once before giving up as an out. A strikeout usually occurs when the umpire calls out the strike. If the batter swings thrice without hitting even once, then the umpire will shout strikeout.

Spot bowling as Sports terms that begin with S:

Spot bowling is another term used in the game bowling, and it is a technique where the bowler aims towards the dots and doesn’t aim towards the pins and throws the ball. When the bowler aims at the dots instead of the pins, then the adjustments of the feet are also different, and it might improve the accuracy. The method is easier to aim and hit all the pins.


Slurve happens in baseball when the ball is thrown as if it is a curveball but has a velocity slider. It becomes easier to hit a ball that comes in this angle, and the position while throwing the ball needs to be perfect, or there are chances of getting injured.


Sidespin is a term that adds a stroke when the ball creates a vertical spin in the game. The technique is different from that of tennis, and it is usually used in Table Tennis. The bounce of the ball is not much, which makes it difficult for the opponent to judge the return. The racket has to be in the right position for this serve.

Slap shot:

One of the sports terms that begin with S is known as Slap shot which is used in Ice hockey. The player will raise his stick up around the waist or higher and then bring it back down with full-motion, which will strike like a blade.

Shovel pass as Sports terms that begin with S:

Shovel pass happens in football where the ball is passed back to the receiver while running back right in front of him. The pass can sometimes be a flip or can be thrown overhead since that will be relatively shorter. The draw play and shovel pass are quite similar to each other as the running back happens in front of the person standing.


Shifty is a term used for the simple rotation that happens with the body on a skateboard or snowboard. While the person is riding the board, there is a rotation that occurs to the body in the air, and that is known as shifty. The upper body will turn one way, and the lower will turn the other way. The position usually is around 90 degrees, and it is locked in the same position. The skateboarder can perform this trick in the backside or the front side with other tricks too.

Sacrifice bunt as Sports terms that begin with S:

The term is used in baseball when the batsman will purposely bunts the ball with the intention of making an advance with the baserunner. The batsman will place the bunt in a position where the field’s person will play the first base and sacrifice the putout on the play. If the throw gets successful, then the runner will get a base, and the batsman will have to hit it.


Salto is a skill that is related to gymnastics. The body will rotate at the axis of the waist, and the feet come up over the head. The gymnastics position is involved in almost every gymnastics event, and it is considered a challenging position. It requires a lot of practice so that the position and the curve happen in the right way.

Saucer pass:

A saucer pass is a term used in hockey. The player will lift the puck off the ice, but it will still stay a little close to the ice, and that will be known as the saucer pass. The pass is quite similar to the flying saucer, and that’s why it is known as the saucer pass. The pass is usually very common, but the difficulty of the opponent understanding the strategy can make it more challenging. After the pass is hit, it will land flat on the ice, and the receiver will be able to hit it properly.


The seam is a term used in Volleyball which is the area that is there between two passers and the space between two blockers when a team is attacking.


Sports terms that begin with S

Shank is used in the game golf, and it is a word that describes the hit that a golfer makes with the hosel and sends the ball into a flight. The ball is not hit with the clubface, but it might be sliced or hooked with never landing. There are times when the ball might only travel for a short distance and fail. The hit needs to be precise and perfect. The player will hit the ball in a wild manner, further making it difficult for the teammates to hit back. This shot can be served in golf and Volleyball.

Shoot the gap:

Shoot the gap happens in football, and it is referred to when a defensive player exploits the gap near the offensive line. There are three gaps which are known as the offensive lines :

  • A Gap
  • B Gap
  • C Gap