Sports is one of the best physical activities that help in improving mood, mental health and physical fitness. Various sports terms begin with T, and they are all fun. The sports involve high energy, improves fitness level and helps in enjoying the time. Here are some sports and sports terms that begin with T:

Table Tennis:

Table Tennis is an enjoyable sport which involves a big table with a net dividing the table and a ping pong ball. There are various rules and regulations for playing the sport, but once you understand it, it becomes fun. Two to four people can play this game, and the ball has to bounce properly.

Taekwondo (Tae Kwon Do):

Taekwondo is known as the Korean martial arts, and it is one of the most systematic sports to play. It is also one of the sports terms that begin with T. It is also the traditional physical fighting skills in Korean, which helps enhance the spirit and trains the body. There are various techniques and methods of doing Taekwondo.


Tomahawk is a volleyball term that means that the defensive player joins and bends their elbow, then slowly raises them above their head to make contact with the ball. The hit is a more defensive hit that is done by the player when the ball comes in their direction.


Touchdown is used in football, and it happens when the team crosses the goal line of the opposition’s end zone. The touchdown helps in getting six points for the team, and they can score it by carrying the ball to the end zone. TD is the abbreviation used during the game.

Total offense:

Sports terms that begin with T

It is one of the sports terms that begin with T in the game football. It means the number of rushing yards or passing yards by one player in the team or the team. The receiving yards are not counted as the total statistic.


Tip occurs in the game of volleyball when the player will attack the ball using the tip of the finger instead of using the palm. It helps in scoring a point and getting points for the team. It is also known as a dink or dump, and the attack usually tends to slow the speed of the ball.


One of the sports terms that begin with T is known as tackle which is used in the game football. It is described when a defensive player forces the offensive ball carrier on the ground so that the play can stop continuing.


The takeaway is the term used in football or hockey when the ball is taken from the opponent. In the game football, a takeaway is known as a fumble recovery, and in hockey, it is when a defensive player takes away from their opponent.

Target Man:

Target Man is a term used in the soccer game, and the man is known as a striker in soccer. He passes his intended target from the teammates. The target man is usually tall and plays physically. They also have enough strength to hold the ball and bring it back to the teammates.

Third base:

Third base is a term used in baseball, and it is known as the third station that the players have to reach before scoring the run. The third baseman is also responsible for the defending area, and it helps them in scoring points.

Throw jump:

It is one of the sports terms that begin with T and is used in the sports of figure skating. It is the required element in figure skating, and a partner assists in the jump where the woman is thrown off into the air and the man holds her back. There are various techniques to perform this and hold the woman, which requires a lot of practice.

Thunder as Sports terms that begin with T:

Thunder is a term used in volleyball that needs a lot of power from the attacking player. The armed force has to be powerful in order to hit the ball in the right direction and make it difficult for the opponent to attack back. It makes it difficult for the opponent to get the hang of it and hit it back because it is thrown away.

Tight end:

Sports terms that begin with T

Tight end is a position that the players stay in the game of football. It is more like a hybrid position that requires the player to be an effective blocker along with the offensive line. He is also an effective pass catcher and helps in catching the shot and gaining points.

Triple crown as Sports terms that begin with T:

It is one of the sports terms that begin with T and is used in two different instances in baseball. The two instances are one to describe an achievement in batting and the other as the achievement in pitching. It helps in scoring points from the opponent players in two games, baseball and softball.

Tuck rule:

The Tuck Rule is a rule that is followed in the game of football. It means that the offensive player has to move his arm forward in a passing position intentionally, and losing the ball will be considered as an incomplete pass. The rule also became controversial because of the confusion caused by it and was used in the NFL from the year 1993 to 2013.


Twig is a term used in the game hockey, and it is another term to describe the ice hockey stick. It is a fun game, and the players have to practice a lot to get the perfect hit all the time.


Two baggers are referred to as the double in the game softball or baseball, where the batsman hits the ball, and it reaches second base safely. The game helps in scoring points for the team, and the batsman gets another pitch to play.


Twizzle is used in figure skating when the multi rotational one foot turns in the skating game. To execute the turn perfectly, you need to practice the one-foot turn and move across the ice smoothly. The movement needs to be continuous because that will differentiate it from the other twists and turns. You can make this movement in various ways like forwarding or backward, clockwise or counterclockwise.

Two pointers:

Two pointers are used in the game of basketball when an offensive player makes the basket which is worth two points only. The field goals that are made inside the line, which has three-point is also considered two points.

Turbo putt as Sports terms that begin with T:

Turbo putt is used in the game disc golf, and it is the type of throw where the thumb is placed in the centre while the fingers are on the outside rim of the disc. The disc then is thrown with a slight motion which helps in scoring the point, and it clears the obstacles near the target. The disc is thrown in a way that releases it above the player’s shoulder because that clears the obstacle near the target.


Turkey is a term used in the bowling game, and it happens when the bowler hits the third strike in a row. There is a story behind why it is called a turkey?

The three consecutive strikes are not actually turkey, but then many believe that it started because of the thanksgiving tradition. There is a common tradition in the United States that turkey prices were given to the people who scored three strikes in a row during the holiday. Then it started becoming popular, and people started using it to hand out prizes when it ended.


It is one of the other sports terms that begin with T and is used in the game basketball. The trifecta basket helps in scoring three points when the shot is made. It has to go behind the line and in a way that the score is made. Why is it called a trifecta?

A trifecta is made when the person places a bet or predicts that the first three finishers will be able to make a perfect trifecta. In the history of the game basketball, the trifecta meaning expanded to a three-pointer.


Tripping is used in the game hockey, and it is a penalty that happens in ice hockey by the player who knocks out the opponent by taking their feet from underneath. The player who is called out for tripping in the same manner then has to serve a two-minute penalty.


Trenches are used in football, and it is known as the area around the offensive and defensive lines. During every game, the trenches are where the most blocking and physicality takes place in total.

Touche as Sports terms that begin with T:

Sports terms that begin with T

Touche is a term used in fencing, and this indicates the valid touch that has been made by the player. The referee will shout touch when the point is hit, and the player makes a point. There are various techniques to do this, but the player has to practice a lot to do it perfectly.