There are many sports that begin from F, and every term has a different reference in terms of sports. There are sports like floor hockey, football, free diving and much more which start from F and also have sports terms in the game which begin from F. Here is a list of sports that start with F:


Sports that begin with F

Falconry is a sport where you have to hunt wild animals in their own habitat. You can hunt any animal like small animals or birds. The person who hunts is known as a falconer or austringer. Gamehawking is a term that is used for the practice of hunting with a conditioned falconry bird.


Fishing is another popular sport that begins with F, and various fishing competitions are held annually for all fishing enthusiasts. There are some particulars in fishing that safely mark it as a sport. Fishing requires a lot of precision, angles, and focus. With that, you also have to be careful about the fish that you are catching.


Football is one of the most popular sports that begin with F, and there are various football events that are held in various countries. With football, you have to make sure to kick and get a goal for your team because that helps in scoring points for you. There are various references and terms in the football game, and it is one of the most popular games for years. There are eleven players in both the teams and whichever team scores the most goals by the end of the game wins the game.

Frisbee as sports that begin with F:

Sports that begin with F

Frisbee is one of the most playful and fun games as you need to run around to catch the frisbee. It is a big plastic disk which is around 8 to 10 inches big. You have to throw the disc as far as possible because the game is all about throwing and catching the frisbee. There are various types of discs that you can find for this purpose and choose the one according to your needs.

Floor hockey:

Floor hockey is one of the sports that begin with F and is a team sport. There are ten field players in both the teams and a goalkeeper for each team. It is an outdoor game just like ice hockey but is played on the flat surface floor like a basketball court.

Figure skating:

Figure skating is a sport that is either played as an individual or in a group.  There are non-Olympic disciplines also for this sport, but usually, the players want to follow the disciplines. There are various galas and show businesses that also include this sport. Figure skating is one of the winter games that was included in the Olympic Games in London.

Frontennis as sports that begin with F:

Sports that begin with F

Frontenis is a sport that is played on the pelota court using racquets and rubber balls. It can be played in singles or in pairs. The sport is usually played in international competitions, and it was in Mexico. In the frontenis, one player has to hit the ball with the racquet on the wall. Frontenis needs to have physical agility, mental agility, coordination and training.

Five pin bowling:

Five pin bowling is one of the bowling variants which is played in Canada. The bowling alleys offer it either alone or in a combination of ten pin bowling. There is a scoring scheme, and you get to score for the pins that fall. There are differences in the pins, which helps you in scoring points and winning the points.

Fox hunting as sports that begin with F:

Fox hunting is a kind of activity that involves chase, tracking, catching and hunting the fox. A group of unarmed followers is led by the master of these foxhounds, who helps them hunt the fox. It is banned in a lot of countries, and other countries consider this controversial.

Free running:

Free running is an athletic sport that is considered a sport and performance art. It is more about efficiency and speed, which also needs a focus. People have to move around quickly, and whosoever gets ahead first wins the sports.

There are plenty of sports that begin with F, and most of them are popular sports that help in taking part in various events and competitions. The games can be played as an individual or with a team. It depends on the game and the field, but usually, it is all played individually too.