There are many interesting facts to know about Wimbledon, like:

1. Tim Henman was the first player to get disqualified from Wimbledon in the year 1995. The
reason for disqualifying Tim is fascinating as he lost his temper in between the game and
smashed a ball away, which went straight to an innocent young ball girl’s face. Though after
Henman realized his mistake, he was embarrassed about it, so he gave the girl some
flowers in order to apologize to her.

2. Every year, around 250 ball girls and ball boys are employed to work at Wimbledon. On
average, the ball girls and ball boys are around 15 years old, and they are paid GBP 150 for
their work.
3. 1987 was the last time any player used a wooden racket at Wimbledon.

facts about Wimbledon

4. The dress code at Wimbledon is for all the players to wear white clothes and dress
decently according to the dress code. The umpire has the right to decide if the players are
wearing decent clothes or not. The dress code is very strict, and the umpire makes sure that
all the players are following the dress code when they are playing at Wimbledon. If the
players are not wearing the right dress code, then the umpire has the right to ask them to
change and dress according to the dress code. Between 1988 and 1990, Andre Agassi
refused to play the champions because he did not like the dress code, and he also thought
that it was too stuffy.

5. During World War II, around five bombs, were hit in the center at Wimbledon, which
destroyed 1,200 seats in total, which further took nine years to repair it and restore it like it
was previously.

6. In 2007, the prize money for males and female players were equalized or else it wasn’t the
same before that. The female players like Venus Williams and others did a campaign to
make sure that this happens, and there is no inequality when it comes to the prize money in
any game.

7. Wimbledon starts on the fourth Monday of the month of June and before the first Monday
of the month of August.

facts about Wimbledon

8. Till the year 1986, there were only white balls used for the game, but then the umpires
started complaining that they cannot find the white balls, and they changed the color to
yellow after that, so it became easier for the umpires to find the balls.

9. The youngest player who has played the game at Wimbledon is known as Mita Klima,
Austria. She started playing in 1907, and she was just 13 years old at that time.

10. Every year, the spectators who come to Wimbledon eat around 28,000 kg of strawberries
and not just that they also consume 7,000 liters of cream, which is pretty fascinating.

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