Sometimes it becomes difficult to go outdoors and play sports like tennis because of the winter season and snow covering all the courts. There are many other sports like tennis which can be played with the racquet. There are also various reasons why a person would like to play other racquet games and not tennis. Tennis also needs a lot of practice and more time. Here is a list of sports like tennis that can be played with a racquet and be equally fun:

One of the sports like tennis is Touch tennis:

Sports like tennis

Touch tennis is a very similar version of the game tennis. Out of all the racquet games that a person can play, touch tennis is the most similar to tennis. The court lines are shorter than tennis, and the ball is made of foam. You need to have immense strength to win this game because the ball is supposed to be hit hard.

The rules:

  • Only one serve is allowed
  • During the serve duration, hitting the ball once is toss
  • There is nothing like not lets because if the ball touches the net and goes over, then the game continues

Pop tennis as sports like tennis:

Pop Tennis is played on a court that is 7 feet longer than the platform court. It can be played with the doubles or singles format, but the courts specifically don’t have to be a doubles alley. The ball will hit back and forth continuously across the net.

The rules:

  • Serve has to be underhand
  • The ball cannot bounce more than once
  • The walls cannot be used

Platform tennis:

Sports like tennis

Platform tennis was a game invented in 1928 in New York, USA, as an alternative for the game tennis during the winter months. The court for platform tennis is smaller than the original one, and it is a little raised platform. The players are also allowed to hit the balls off the sides and can be played in the doubles format. The platforms courts are usually heated from the bottom, which eliminates the snow and water. It makes playing sports like tennis easier.

The rules:

  • It can be played as doubles with the sides involved and few exceptions
  • Only one serve is allowed for the players

Pickleball as sports like tennis:

The sport was invented by three guys from Washington in 1965. The game can be played on a badminton size court as the net will divide the court into two halves. You need to hit the ball back and forth in this game, and it is pretty similar to tennis.

The rules for sports like tennis:

When the game is played from the starting point, then the ball has to bounce once on each side of the court before the player can hit the ball.

  • The players cannot hit the ball in the air.
  • If the player wants to score a point, then he has to hit the ball diagonally.
  • The server will keep serving until there is any fault.
  • If the receiver side is able to score a point, then they become the server in the next serve.