Football is one of the most iconic games globally, and there are fantastic football stadiums all over the world. Stadiums are a significant part of any game in this world because that’s where the most legendary games take place. Many special moments in history took place in these stadiums, and it is a very iconic place for football fans to visit if they are in these countries. Here are the top 15 best football stadiums in the world: 

1. Wembley Stadium, London, England: 
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It is one of the best football stadiums globally and is considered the most iconic place in London. Many memorable matches took place in this stadium, and fans went crazy to get tickets for the game, which took place in this stadium. The stadium has seen some of the fantastic moments from the past matches in the stadium. It is still considered one of the oldest venues for the FA cup, considered one of the oldest football competitions. 

2. Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain: 

The Santiago Bernabeu is considered as the second-best football stadium in the world, and it is located in Madrid. The stadium was opened in 1947 and is considered as the home to Los Merengues. The Santiago Bernabeu stadium has a capacity of 85,000 spectators at once. The stadium got its name after the greatest club president, and it has hosted many memorable games in the history. 

3. Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain: 

Football stadiums

The Camp Nou stadium is considered one of the best stadiums for football, and it comes third on the list. The stadium was opened in the year 1957, and it is considered as one of the greatest stadiums in Europe and also the world. The stadium has a total capacity of seating 100,000 spectators at once, and it is currently the home to the greatest club team. The stadium has seen its fair share of great players and teams. The Catalonia National team also plays in this stadium, which is a very honorable thing. 

4. Old Trafford, Manchester, England: 

The Old Trafford stadium is considered one of the best football stadiums in England and many amazing football matches took place in this stadium. Old Trafford is also known as the ‘The theatre of dreams’ and was opened in 1910. There are various research studies that show that the Old Trafford stadium is home to ‘Busby Babes’ and the leader who is known as Matt Busby. The stadium has a capacity of around 75,000 spectators, and it hosts various amazing football matches. 

5. Estadio Do Maracana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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The Estadio Do Maracana comes in the fifth rank for football stadiums, and it was originally opened in 1950. The entire stadium was renovated for the 2014 World Cup, and it is the stadium where Pele scored his 1000th goal. There is research which shows that the World Cup was hosted in the stadium the year it was opened, and Brazil lost the match during that World Cup. 

6. San Siro/ Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy

According to the research, San Siro is home to the two best teams from Italy, Inter Milan, and AC Milan. The stadium was opened in 1926 and, after that, has been renovated a few times. 80,000 people can gather at once in the stadium and watch the football match. It is an amazing football stadium in Italy, and a lot of historic matches have taken place in the same stadium. 

7. De Meer Stadion, Amsterdam, Netherlands: 

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De Meer Stadion was opened in 1934, and the stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people at once. The Amsterdam Arena is the place where Total Football was displayed for the first time to many people. A lot of great players and amazing champions have come to play in this stadium. 

8. Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay: 

Estadio Centenario is considered as a great football stadium and comes number eight on the list. There are reports which show that Estadio Centenario was the first stadium where the World Cup trophy was ever lifted after a match. The stadium was built for the first World Cup, which took place in 1930 when Uruguay beat Argentina. The stadium has the capacity of seating 73,000 people and is considered the home ground for the Uruguay national team. 

9. Anfield, Liverpool, England: 

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Anfield is one of the best football stadiums in England, and it has an amazing history with the clubs and teams. The stadium has seating for 45,000 people and was opened in 1884. Slowly, the capacity of seating arrangement has been increasing in this stadium, and it is said that Liverpool remained undefeated on this grounds for several seasons. The stadium is the ground for many memories and amazing matches. 

10. Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico: 

Estadio Azteca is a great football stadium located in Mexico City and has been a ground for many matches. It is the number tenth football stadium on the list and was opened in 1996. The stadium has a seating arrangement for 104,000 people, and it is also the home venue for the Mexico National Team. It was the venue for the Game of century and also the 1970 World Cup Final. 

11. Westfalenstadion, Dortmund, Germany

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Westfalenstadion is considered a great football stadium in Germany, and it has hosted a lot of great matches. The stadium is home to Borussia Dortmund, and the stadium was opened in 1974. According to the official data about the seating arrangement in the stadium, the officials say that it has the capacity to seat 80,000 people at once. The stadium was the ground for many World Cup matches in the year 1974 and 2006. Not just the stadium, but the Dortmund club is known for its rich history and amazing matches. The fan atmosphere and the area make the stadium even more beautiful and amazing. 

12. Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany: 

Olympiastadion is considered a very famous football stadium in Germany, and it has hosted several numbers of matches. Germany’s Olympic Stadium was opened in Munch in 1936, according to the surveys and data. The Olympiastadion has seating for 70,000 people at once, and it is a ground for amazing memories when it comes to German football matches. Olympiastadion also hosted the World Cup match in 1974. There were various studies about this stadium, which also shows that this stadium is a former home to Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich. 

13. La Bombonera, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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La Bombonera is considered as a great football stadium in Argentina and also comes on number thirteen in the list of best stadiums in the world. According to the data and reports released by the officials of the stadium, it shows that the stadium has a seating capacity for 50,000 people at once. The stadium is also home to one of the most amazing clubs known as Boca Juniors. The best part about this stadium is that one side of the stadium is entirely flat, which helps in increasing the acoustics and also helps in creating the best fan atmosphere in the stadium. 

14. Parc De Princes, Paris, France

Paris is known for a lot of famous things and monuments, but there is one thing that is really great in Paris is the football stadium which has been the ground for many matches. Parc De Princes is considered number fourteen on the list of best stadiums, and it was opened in 1897, and the stadium is home to PSG. Since the time the stadium opened, it has seen two versions in 1932 and 1972. The stadium has a capacity of 48,000 people and also has some great traits and views. The fan atmosphere of this stadium is considered one of the best in the whole world. The stadium has been a host for great games and amazing matches that go down in history and are remembered well. 

15. Rasunda Stadium, Solna, Sweden: 

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Rasunda Stadium is a very famous football stadium in Sweden known for the legendary football matches that took place there. There is various research that shows that it was the stadium where Pele was introduced to the world, and he was only 17 years old at that time. Rasunda Stadium makes it to the list of the classic stadiums in the FIFA list. It is currently home to the Swedish club team AIK. 

The Bottom Line

There are various stadiums in the world, and every stadium has its significance and is famous for different reasons. Some are famous for the capacity while others are famous for the beauty around and inside the stadium. These are the stadiums that are considered the top 15 stadiums in the world. Every stadium has had those special and historic matches. Every stadium has its own clubs and also an atmosphere.