Longboarding is a lot more fun and a bit similar to skateboarding. It is usually done in the skate park, but you could also do it on the road. A high-impact activity, which is also a great mode of transportation comes with many risks of injuries. Longboards are the most fantastic sport that can even provide you with a great workout. However, if you wish to return your home safely, you must look upon your safety and include all the listed elements in your Longboarding Safety Gear Checklist. In the section below, we will discuss some essential longboarding safety gear for you.

Let’s have a look at this Safety Gear Checklist.


Longboarding Safety Gear Checklist

Severe head trauma could be a fatal injury that you could risk yourself into. So, the first and the most essential gear that you must have is a good fit helmet. Ensure that your helmet has an EPS foam coating, as it can protect your skull from severe concussions. 

It would be best if you only bought your helmet from a seller with an excellent rating by the safety associations.

Hip Pads

Hip pads are always better to wear; as they can prevent various unnecessary bruises and hip injuries. There could even be a possibility for you to fall, and you won’t suffer much with these hip pads. 

Hip pads will protect your waist area and hips, and they must be included in your longboarding safety gear checklist.

Knee pads

Knee pads are always prominent to your longboard safety gear, especially when you’re a beginner. Scraped knees are a lot common in longboarding, as balancing on the longboard is a bit challenging. Most importantly, you won’t even like having ligament tears or knee fractures. 

So, to safeguard your knees, you should never forget to wear knee pads. Knee pads can ensure your comfort and provide stability on the knee joints.

Slide Gloves

Slide gloves are another vital safety gear that you must wear while going to bombing hills. These gloves consist of a palm with thermoplastic material; that produces a stable glide with low friction. Slide gloves are the best gear to protect your palms if you fall.

Wrist Guards

Longboarding Safety Gear Checklist

Wrist guards are commonly used for wrist injuries. It can provide your hands with significant mobility on the longboard. You should also make sure that your wrist brace is made from nylon fabric and neoprene, as they are more comfortable, keep your wrist warm, and even reduce strains and sprains on the wrist.

Elbow Pads

Your longboarding safety gear checklist could never be complete without the elbow pads. These elbow pads could regulate better blood flow while you’re longboarding. Also, elbow injuries can be so annoying and painful, which is why you must wear this gear to protect your elbows.

The Bottom Line

Longboarding is not at all difficult, and the best thing about this sport is that every age group can enjoy it. Moreover, I think you would be completely ready to go for longboarding with the checklist mentioned above. Even if there is a lesser chance of getting injured with the longboards, you should still wear the right gear to protect yourself from continuing longboarding.